Calling all students and recent grads at half price!

When it comes to job-hunting, newly minted college grads are at a huge disadvantage. You’re young, you probably don’t have enough work experience to land higher than an entry-level position, and you’re likely carrying piles of both debt and used textbooks that make great doorstops because they’re only worth $2.

We get it.

But you should still be able to benefit from KEEN Digital Summit just as much as the established pros.

So we’re offering a discount to all college students and recent graduates. If you currently hold a valid university ID or proof that you graduated anytime in 2012, you’re eligible for the Student Savings Pass—a special offer of $149.

That’s half the cost of a regular ticket and gets you access to everything KEEN has to offer: networking, training, classes, tips & tricks, social media leverage, an incredible selection of speakers, and tons of opportunities to connect with major brands.

So buy your ticket now!


Every edition, we will spotlight a speaker, sponsor or attendee who we think you should know about, and in keeping with this week’s student theme, it seemed obvious to feature our diligent intern coordinator, Alexa Rae Johnson, a social media power user who graduated from San Diego State University in May.

We’re KEEN on … Alexa Rae Johnson

Alexa Rae JohnsonHometown: La Verne, California

Major: Communication; International Studies minor

Tell us about you: I’m a recent graduate, currently looking for a position in writing and social media management. My passion for travel has taken me to 39 countries so far, with Sweden being my favorite. My blog, Zaagi Travel, will launch in August; Zaagi means “to love” or “to treasure” in Ojibwe—and I’m one-eighth Ojibwe from the Chippewa tribe up in the Great Lakes—which is how I live my life. I didn’t grow up directly in the Chippewa culture, so Zaagi will be a way for me to further explore it and feel more of a connection to my heritage. Through Zaagi, I want to inspire people to travel in general—and while the focus will be on travel, I’ll also talk about food and recipes and things here and there that are part of my own personal life, such as Southern California, where I’m from, or Semester at Sea, which gave me a global perspective in the first place.

Favorite social media network: I enjoy photography, so I find Instagram to be the most fun. I’m a really visual person, and in all social media, people tend to just show the good things about their lives—they try to market their best self—but I think Instagram is interesting because it gives a more in-depth look into a person’s actual life. It also allows a lot of creativity that the others don’t—like the filters or enhancing an image via other apps such as A Beautiful Mess and Snapseed. At the core, Instagram helps people tap into their own creativity.

You’re 22 and truly a child of the Digital Age. What was your first social media experience?

I joined MySpace back in middle school when I was just 13, and then I remember finding out about Facebook when I was visiting a friend in New Jersey—Facebook picked up on the East Coast long before the West—so I was one of the first people of my circle of friends in California to hop on board as soon as they allowed non-university users to join. I’ve always had an interest in social media. I like keeping track of the trends and being one of the first people to have it and check it out and see whether it’s something that has the capability of becoming popular.

You’ve the classic early adopter. What’s the next big thing—app or social media service—that’s on your radar?

A couple students from my voyage with Semester at Sea have been working on Fipeo, a video chat feature where you could find people all over the world and strike up a conversation with those that have other similar interests. As someone learning sign language, Fipeo could be a really cool way to connect with other signers around the world.

Why do you want to come to KEEN to network face-to-face rather than digitally?

Face-to-face networking is an awesome method for building connections. Going to KEEN will put me in front of experts and professionals who would be difficult to meet and collaborate with otherwise. I’ve always thought that one of the keys to success begins with active, intentional movement and getting out and doing things IRL is definitely one of these!

What’s been your most interesting IRL (In Real Life) experience that was born out of a digital connection?

I sailed on Semester at Sea’s Enrichment Voyage after connecting with KEEN co-founder Kristin Luna through a mutual Facebook friend. Taking Kristin’s travel writing and blogging workshop onboard the MV Explorer as we sailed through Northern Europe was an incredible experience that I will never forget—and we became close friends as a result, too.

You’re currently searching for full-time employment. What would be a dream position?

Something that allows me to travel a couple months out of the year, while also expanding my writing abilities. It’d be great if that job were also in social media. Or, in a dream world, I’d love to have a travel TV show like Samantha Brown!


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