The full schedule is up! + new keynote + opening party details

It’s fall in Tennessee, y’all, which means a significant drop in the mercury, fall foliage is just around the corner and football season has fully consumed the South.

Fall colors

It also means just five weeks and change until KEEN Digital Summit has its first ever conference! (Get excited; we certainly are.)

We’ve made some significant additions to the lineup, such as motivational speaker and performance coach Jairek Robbins—yes, as in the son of that other Robbins, Tony—who will be taking over our opening keynote spot to talk about getting the most out of your digital relationships. Jairek typically attracts crowds by the thousands to hear him speak, so we’re stoked for him to kick off our weekend’s content portion the morning of Friday, Oct. 25. (Make your plans accordingly!)

Jairek Robbins

Speaking of the schedule, did you notice it’s up in all its glory? The full agenda will live on a separate Sched platform so you can go in and have some fun creating a profile and building out what you want from KEEN, but we also will integrate into our main site later this week. We’ll still be tweaking exact time slots and making changes as the weeks progress, but for now, we hope you’ll start your own Sched profile, bookmark sessions that pique your interest and share it with friends so they can plan their own conference agendas. Be sure to click around a bit and see what all’s going on; we have a lot plan.

And now onto the (even more) fun stuff: parties! We’re happy to announce that our opening night kick-off party for all attendees will take place at aVenue, just three short, very walkable blocks from the Omni.


Southern goth rocker Katelyn Epperly will be crooning a mix of soulful covers and bluesy originals. Katelyn, who first got “noticed” on season 9 of American Idol, has fully immersed herself in the social media and fashion worlds of Nashville, leveraging her digital presence via Twitter and Instagram to bring awareness to up-and-coming brands she partners with as a model, spokesperson, stylist and, of course, singer.

Kateyln Epperly

And our last bit of exciting news: The Omni Nashville has decided to extend the preferred rate—$179 for a single, $189 for a double and so forth—up until the conference date, subject to availability. That means as long as there are rooms open, you can book them. (Yay, Omni! KEEN salutes you and thanks you for your support.) Still, you should book ASAP as October is a busy month in Nashville, and you don’t want to be left out on the street to fend for yourselves.

 More info to come,

 Your KEEN Team


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